The Agribusiness Accountability Initiative Promotes Collaborative Responses to Corporate Power in the Global Food System
Co-sponsored by the Center of Concern and the National Catholic Rural Life Conference, the Agribusiness Accountability Initiative is a growing international network of academics, activists and food system experts from farm, labor, environment, consumer, church and development organizations, who recognize that corporate concentration and vertical integration among transnational agro-food companies threaten the sustainability of the most important industry on earth – the global food system.

This website offers a comprehensive overview of problems and solutions related to corporate power in the food system. Follow the tabs above to find:

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Revolving Door Working Group launches a new web site and paper
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European Alliance Confronts Tesco!
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data on horizontal and vertical integration in the global food industry, as well as market share and concentration ratio data through the Market Share Matrix Project
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The Agribusiness Accountability Initiative is an emerging network — and this site is an evolving resource. Help shape it! Take a moment to contact us and help build the movement for agribusiness accountability, or propose articles or links we can add to these resources!

What happens when diverse constituencies work together for corporate reform? Read more about AAI and our focus on civil society responses to corporate concentration in the global food system, especially:

AAI’s global conference on Corporate Power in the Food System – June 2005
AAI Workshop on Agri-Food Concentration – January 2005
AAI Forum in Brussels 2004 – Summary Report
AAI South American Forum 2004 [in Spanish]
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